Foca - Beginners guide to hacking and penetration testing (2017)

Beginners guide to hacking and penetration testing (2017)



FOCA is a Windows fingerprinting tool by Eleven Paths that can be used to help find metadata and hidden information in documents. FOCA uses Google, Bing, and Exalead to help search.

Once FOCA is launched click on Project and then New Project to get started.

On the next screen enter in your Project name, the Domain website address, the folder path that you want to save your project, Alternative domains (if you know of any), any notes that you want to add, and how often you want to Autosave. Once you finish click the Create button.

Now on the side bar we can see variety of options that we can scan. In this case I want to see what types of files that are on the website so I click on the Metadata option on the sidebar, then click the Search All button under the Extensions on the upper right. In this case FOCA used Google, Bing, and Exalead to perform this search. Once the files populate, we can right click them to download.

To see if any of the files that FOCA has found contains any metadata we simply right click the file and select Analyze Metadata.