PREFACE - Hack-X-Crypt A Straight Forward Guide Towards Ethical Hacking And Cyber Security (2015)

Hack-X-Crypt A Straight Forward Guide Towards Ethical Hacking And Cyber Security (2015)


Computer hacking is the practice of altering computer hardware and software to carry out a goal outside of the creator‘s original intention. People who slot in computer hacking actions and activities are often entitled as hackers. The majority of people assume that hackers are computer criminals. They fall short to identify the fact that criminals and hackers are two entirely unrelated things. Hackers in realism are good and extremely intelligent people, who by using their knowledge in a constructive mode help organizations, companies, government, etc. to secure credentials and secret information on the Internet. Years ago, no one had to worry about Crackers breaking into their computer and installing Trojan viruses, or using your computer to send attacks against others. Now that thing have changed, it's best to be aware of how to defend your computer from damaging intrusions and prevent black hat hackers. So, in this Book you will uncover the finest ways to defend your computer systems from the hackers This Book is written by keeping one object in mind that a beginner, who is not much familiar regarding computer hacking, can easily, attempts these hacks and recognize what we are trying to demonstrate. After Reading this book you will come to recognize that how Hacking is affecting our everyday routine work and can be very hazardous in many fields like bank account hacking etc. Moreover, after carrying out this volume in detail you will be capable of understanding that how a hacker hacks and how you can defend yourself from these threats.

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I make a few assumptions about you:
·You’re familiar with basic computer-, networking– related concepts and terms.
· You have a basic understanding of what hackers and malicious users do.
· You have access to a computer and a network on which to use these techniques.
· You have access to the Internet to obtain the various tools used in the ethical hacking process.
· You have permission to perform the hacking techniques described in this book.