iOS PASSWORD CRACKING - Hack-X-Crypt A Straight Forward Guide Towards Ethical Hacking And Cyber Security (2015)

Hack-X-Crypt A Straight Forward Guide Towards Ethical Hacking And Cyber Security (2015)



Now these days’people generallyuse 4-digit pin to secure their phone. A mobile device gets lost or stolen and all the person recovering it has to do is try some basic number combinations such as 1234, 1212, or 0000.and soon the will be unlocked.

Let’s see how to crack your ios password:
1. For the first step you have to plug you iPhone or computer into device firmware upgrade mode i.e. DFU mode:

To enter DFU mode, simply power the device off, hold down the Home button (bottom center) and sleep button (upper corner) at the same time for 10 seconds, and continue holding down the Home button for another 10 seconds. The mobile device screen goes blank.

2. after putting your phone into DFU mode you need to Load the iOS Forensic Toolkit for this you need to insert your USB license dongle into your computer and running Tookit.cmd:

3.After that the work is to do is to load the iOS Forensic Toolkit Ram disk onto the mobile device by selecting option 2 LOAD RAMDISK:When you loaded the RAMDISK code it allows your computer to communicate with the mobile device and run the tools which are needed for cracking the password (among other things).

4. Now you need to select the iOS device type/model that is connected to your computer, as shown in Figure:

I don’t have iphone 6 with me now so; I have selected option 14 because I have an iPhone 4 with GSM.

After that you see the toolkit which is connecting to the device and it confirms a successful load, as shown in Figure:

Also you will see the Elcomsoft logo in the middle of your mobile device’s screen ……I think it looks pretty:

6. Now if you want to crack the device’s password/PIN, you have to simply select the option 6 GET PASSCODE on the main menu:

iOS Forensic Toolkit will prompt you to save the passcode to a file. For saving the passcode simply; you can press Enter to accept the default of passcode.txt. The cracking process will commence and, with any luck, the passcode will be found and displayed after you as shown in Figure:

So, having no password for phones and tablets is bad, and a 4-digit PIN such as this is also not much better choice.
So be aware about the attacks! Get up-users-getup it’s time to be secured.
You can also use iOS Forensic Toolkit to copy files and even crack the key chains to uncover the password that protects the device’s backups in iTunes (option 5 GET KEYS).

For the prevention from being hacked you can refer to the chapter “PASSWORD CREATING POLICIES”.