INTRODUCTION - Hack-X-Crypt A Straight Forward Guide Towards Ethical Hacking And Cyber Security (2015)

Hack-X-Crypt A Straight Forward Guide Towards Ethical Hacking And Cyber Security (2015)



First of all before digging into intense hacking processes let’s take a look on what hacking is, who the hackers are, what are their intentions, types of hackers and their communities etc.

Communities of Hackers:


HACKERS are the Intelligent Computer Experts.


•To gain in-depth knowledge of any computer system, what is happening at the backend of any specific program of the system behind the screen of the computer system?

• Their motive is to find possible security risk and vulnerabilities in a computer system or network.

•They create security awareness among the people by sharing knowledge and proper security preventions that should be taken by the user.

Types of Hackers:

•White Hat Hackers –“White hats” is the name used for security experts. While they often use the same tools and techniques as the black hats, they do so in order to foil the bad guys. That is, they use those tools for ethical hacking and computer forensics. Ethical hacking is the process of using security tools to test and improve security (rather than to break it!). Computer forensics is the process of collecting evidence needed to identify and convict computer criminals.

•Black Hat Hackers –They use their knowledge and skill set for illegal activities and destructive intents. Obviously, the “black hats” are the bad guys. These are the people who create and send viruses and worms, break into computer systems, steal data, shut down networks, and basically commit electronic crimes. We talk about black hats at several points in this book. Black hat hackers and malware writers are not considered as the same thing in the security community—even though they are both breaking the law.

•Grey Hat Hackers They use their knowledge and skill set for the legal and illegal purpose. They are white hats in public but internally they do some black hat work. Gray hats sit in the middle of the fence because sometimes they cross that ethical line (or more often, define it differently). For example, gray hats will break into a company’s computer system just to wander around and see what’s there. They think that simply because they don’t damage any data, they’re not committing a crime. Then they go and apply for jobs as security consultants for large corporations. They justify their earlier break-in as some sort of computer security training. Many really believe that they’re providing a public service by letting companies know that their computers are at risk.

CRACKERS are those who break into the applications with some malicious intentions either for their personal gain or their greedy achievements.

Intension of crackers:

• Their motive is to get unauthorized access into a system and cause damage or destroy or reveal confidential information.

•To compromise the system to deny services to legitimate users for troubling, harassing them or for taking revenge.

•It can cause financial losses & image/reputation damages, defamation in the society for individuals or organizations.

PHREAKS are those people who use computer devices and software programs and their tricky and sharp mind to break into the phone networks.

Intention of phreaks:

•To find loopholes in security in phone network and to make phone calls and access internet at free of cost!!!
· You may get a spoofed call or a big amount of bill. · You can also get a call with your own number.

SCRIPT KIDDIES: These are computer novices who take advantage of the hacker tools, vulnerability scanners, and documentation available free on the Internet but who don’t have any real knowledge of what’s really going on behind the scenes. They know just enough to cause you headaches but typically are very sloppy in their actions, leaving all sorts of digital fingerprints behind. Even though these guys are the stereotypical hackers that you hear about in the news media, they often need only minimal skills to carry out their attacks.

Intention of script kiddies:

•They use the available information about known vulnerabilities to break into the network systems.

•It’s an act performed for a fun or out of curiosity.

Black Hat Hackers Strategy:

•Information Gathering & Scanning

•Getting Access on the website

•Maintain the access

•Clear the Tracks

Conclusion: Security is important because prevention is better than cure.