Read Me First - Take Control of Your Online Privacy (1.1) (2014)

Take Control of Your Online Privacy (1.1) (2014)

Read Me First

Welcome to Take Control of Your Online Privacy, version 1.1, published in March 2014 by TidBITS Publishing Inc. This book was written by Joe Kissell and edited by Geoff Duncan.

This book explains potential privacy risks in everyday online activities like Web browsing and sending email, and suggests strategies for avoiding common pitfalls and improving online privacy.

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What’s New in Version 1.1

Version 1.1 of this book, released about eight months after the original publication date, updates the book with the latest privacy-related information and adds numerous details. The most significant changes are as follows:

· Added a note in Hackers about how to search for information on recent privacy breaches.

· Included a tip in Big Brother with links to resources detailing government surveillance revelations.

· Updated Fix the Easy Things to emphasize the importance of keeping one’s operating systems up to date with security fixes.

· Replaced numerous graphics (see, for example, Encrypt Your Wi-Fi Connection) with spiffier versions.

· Made several clarifications about speed and reliability in Use a VPN.

· Added a sidebar, SSL Implementation Bugs, covering the serious SSL vulnerability Apple disclosed and fixed in February 2014.

· Updated the sidebar Set-top Boxes and the Like to further discuss the Internet of Things (“smart” connected objects like light bulbs and thermostats).

· Mentioned how a password manager can ensure that you Go to the Right Site.

· Noted the improved Private Browsing option in Safari for iOS 7 in Private Browsing Modes.

· Included information on iCloud Keychain in Protect Passwords and Credit Card Info.

· In Browse Anonymously, added a note distinguishing between anonymity and untraceability, and mentioned a further Tor vulnerability.

· Mentioned cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin in Shop Online Privately.

· In Understand the Privacy Risks of Real-Time Communication, noted a potential vulnerability in audio and video chats, and added a sidebar, Security in iMessage and Other Apple Services.

· Added “secret-sharing” apps to the list of areas of concern in Use Other Social Media Precautions.

· Renamed “Create a Private Cloud” to Create a Personal Cloud and added information about several other products.