INTRODUCTION - Hacking Secret: What Hackers don’t Want You to Know (2015)

Hacking Secret: What Hackers don’t Want You to Know (2015)


If you’ve ever been the victim of hacking you know how dangerous it can be. Someone makes off with your credit card information, your social security number, maybe even the contents of your bank account and you never know who it was. You may never even know really how it happened. All you know is that somehow they got into what was supposed to be a completely secure space and now you’re left with damages that you don’t know how to fix.

For anyone who’s been in this position it becomes even more important to understand hacking, how it happens and why it happens as well. Of course, not all hacking is done to steal your information and some hackers will simply slip into your secured areas just because they can. In order to fully understand these different types of hackers and to understand what you need to do to protect yourself from them you first need to know what hacking is and you definitely need to know the types of people that engage in this type of behavior.

The average person knows very little about hacking. But there are people out there who are capable of getting in and out of the most secure places in the world without even leaving so much as a digital fingerprint. These are the types of people you want to be concerned about and that’s why you need to know a few very important things:

· What is hacking?

· Who engages in hacking?

· Why do people hack?

· What type of information are they looking or?

· How can I protect my information from hackers?

· Is there anything I can do to reduce my risk of being hacked?

· Is the internet really safe for all of my personal information?

By answering each of these questions it will be possible for you to feel safer and to actually be safer as well. Hacking used to be something cute, something that kids did just to have some fun. They didn’t mean anything by it and they didn’t have a clue what kind of information they were getting when they did. They just wanted to see if they could get in. But that’s no longer the case. Hackers today are very much interested in the information that they can get and they’re exploiting you and the internet in order to get what they want.