Defending from Hackers - A Hacker's Life Starter: Security Penetration Anywhere & Anytime (2014)

A Hacker's Life Starter: Security Penetration Anywhere & Anytime (2014)

Chapter 9. Defending from Hackers

We will cover:

*Protect yourself against Dos attacks

*Best tool to remove the virus

*Securing your operating system

*Securing your wireless

As a being a hacker it would be very sad to get hacked by another hacker or even you’re not a hacker, it’s inappropriate to get hacked by someone else. So here I gathered few methods that will help you protect yourself from black hat hackers.

Protect yourself against DoS attacks

DoS cannot be blocked by firewalls, anti-virus or any of those softwares. It’s almost inevitable, but there are still some sofwares and ways to prevent DoS from happening. In this exercise I will demonstrate you how to prevent them.

Protecting the network

Using VPN or using proxy’s is the best way to protect your router and network from getting DoS’d. Because when the attacker starts flooding your IP, what he is actually doing is flooding the wrong IP (faked ip) and with that he/ she won’t get the chance to reach your computer or router.

Here are the free vpn softwares available:

*Hotspot Shield

* Hola Unblocker

* Expat Shield

* HideMyAss

Protecting the site

Websites are the main target for attacking in terms of DoS. In most cases if the attacker manages to get a stack of computers he might be able to drop the site down. Here, I will show you what to use so that even with a million computers pinging your site it would impossible to crash your site.

1. Go to and register a free account. (see Figure 9-1)

In Figure 9-1 .shows you how Cloudflare is looking when you’re in

2. And when you’re in your account you can have multiple sites set in your account.

3. Now once your website is set go to your website DNS settings and leave the “direct connect” to ON.

4. Also make sure at the top everything is going through cloud flare so leave them “ON”

Best tool to remove the virus

I won't be talking about which are the best antivirus softwares to use. Most of them are good and they do the job right, but it's not always that antivirus can delete it properly or even detect it. Here, I will be showing you the best 9.8 megabytes tool ever existed to clean the PC . We will be using Malwarebytes for this task so follow it closely.

1. Go to and download it for free(see Figure 9-2)

In Figure 9-2 .shows you how Malwarebytes looks like once you’re in

This software had worked better than all the 25 antivirus I’ve tested in the past few years. So get your right now.

2. Navigate a bit in the tabs

4. Once you installed it launch it. Choose for “Peform Quick Scan” and then click Scan.To test the software power .Maybe before you even click on scan Malwarebytes already started to quarantine few malicious threads .

5. And once you scanned and deleted the viruses on the memory and HDD it’s time to view the logs to see when and where the virus was created. (see Figure 9-3)

In Figure 9-3 .shows you how the log file is looking like when you open it

Securing your operating system

Having no virus on the OS is not just enough. There are sophisticated programs created by hackers to penetrate your computer (social engineering) no break your privacy. I’ll be showing you two tools that I use every day to protect myself from those people.

1. First go to and download the free version of zone alarm.

2. Once your done installing it launch it . What this program does, every program or virus that tries to use the network or the internet, needs to get passed through zonealarm. This really prevents hackers to enter your computer remotely.

3. After a few days when you blocked many programs that weren’t supposed to use the internet you can view them in Firewall tab->amount programs secured (see Figure 9-4)

In Figure 9-4 .This is zone alarm showing how it blocked all the programs you selected from not using the internet or network

3. Another great tool to completely protect yourself is the use of avast safe zone. First of download or buy the full version of Avast. And when you installed it go to the SECURITY TAB->Tools Section->SafeZone and click on Switch to SafeZone (see Figure 9-5)

In Figure 9-5 .Here in Avast you can activate the Safe Zone to go secure

When your inside the SafeZone every program of Windows doesn’t affect the zone . And once your inside SafeZone you can do online banking even more secure using the browser it comes with.

Securing your wireless

We already discussed how to hack a wifi and the encryption types but here we will be showing you how to secure it. To secure your wireless connection you can do it by using the WPA2 encryption that really lets you use letters and numbers and with that you can create a very strong password.

First off we will start securing the router

1. Open cmd and type in:

Ipconfig /all

2. From there locate the line that is labeled ‘Gateway’

3. With that Gateway IP you will paste it in your favorite web browser address bar.

4. If your using the Linksys go in the wireless security tab and change the Security Mode to WPA or WPA2

5. Also disable the Remote Administration and also enable the router firewall.

6. When you’re done also change the administration password.

Small summary ahead

*DoS can be prevented by using VPN softwares like Tor

*Website DoS can be preventing by using CloudFlare

*The best antivirus in my opinion is Malwarebytes

*ZoneAlarm and Avast Safe zone are really decent for computer security

*Securing the wifi happens in the Router Administrator settings