Defining a Hacker - A Hacker's Life Starter: Security Penetration Anywhere & Anytime (2014)

A Hacker's Life Starter: Security Penetration Anywhere & Anytime (2014)

Chapter 1. Defining a Hacker

We will cover :

* Who are hackers

* What motivates hackers

* Becoming a hacker

* Don’t ever go against the rules

Hackers are simply people who engage in computer hack activities. Also, called cyber-crime, it has to do with infiltrating system or network. Anything that has to do with storing digital bulk of information. There are two hackers white hat (good side) and black hat (bad side).

Hackers are advanced programmers who have great knowledge on both hardware and software. In the past Hackers where computer users who wanted to explore the world of computer more in-depth . But nowadays hackers are called people who crack inside someone else's personal system and gain information (criminal hackers), reasons why could be endless.

Who are hackers

White Hat

A white hat is a person who specialist in security. He uses hacking methods to find security flaws that black hat may exploit.

Black Hat

A black hat is a person that tries to exploit computer personal financial gain or other malicious reasons. Mostly with bad intentions and to achieve something wrong. Mostly called crackers.

What motivates hackers

There are many types of hackers. Some seek for money, like counterfeiting passports, credit cards or hacking ATM numbers. Others seek for freedom in other words they think that internet should be completely free in every single aspect or for their convenient, These hackers are mostly called Hacktivist.

And those who always try to impress their friends or hack them, these hackers may not be as professionals as the others ,but they still achieve what they want. They are known as Script Kiddies

Of course there are those who just do it to test themselves. Trying to push their knowledge as much as they can, hacking their own machines and tell others how, did it.

But the biggest reason why hackers are motivated to attack systems is for achieving technical challenges. For example, these black haters may find it really challenging to create a virus that could affect billions of people.

Becoming a hacker

In becoming a hacker takes practice and dedication. Training yourself writing codes and hacking with the necessary tools. These are the requirements you’ll probably need to turn in a good hacker.

* Finding your motivation. If you don’t have a solid purpose to hack a computer or a network, it would be harder for you to understand what to hack.

*No hacker is a hacker without their hacking tools. In becoming a hacker you will have to define which tools are not to use in order to execute the malicious act.

*Picking up some network books are also essential if you want to hack into network structures

*Choosing your programming language is also one of the greatest move a young hacker can do. You see there are all sorts of programming languages that can help you access or damage a computer.

Don’t ever go against the rules

Hacking is someone else's computer is obviously violation. In desperation you might think hacking inside a company or a person might solve your personal troubles. Indeed, it might but you will have to remember security's (white hat) will always eventually find the source.

Not only because of that. Close your eyes and put yourself inside someone else’s shoes and imagine they are accessing your computer and formatting your PC or robbing an important file from you. That wasn't so funny right?

That's why we recommend that you think twice before performing a malicious act.

In the law they're many kinds of penalty for those who are willing to lose three to fifth-ten years or more of their life.

Small summary ahead

* A white hat hacker breaks security for non-malicious reasons, perhaps to test their own security system.

* A black hat hacker is a hacker who violates computer security for little reason beyond maliciousness or for personal gain.

* Hacktivism is the act of hacking, or breaking into a computer system, for a politically or socially motivated purpose.

* But the biggest reason why hackers are motivated to attack systems is for achieving technical challenges.

* Hacking is not tolerated and might let you end up inside prison for years.