Blender For Dummies (2015)

Blender For Dummies (2015)

Part I: Getting Started with Blender

Chapter 1: Discovering Blender

Chapter 2: Understanding How Blender Thinks

Chapter 3: Getting Your Hands Dirty Working in Blender

Chapter 4: Working in Edit Mode and Object Mode

Part II: Creating Detailed 3D Scenes

Chapter 5: Creating Anything You Can Imagine with Meshes

Chapter 6: Using Blender’s Non-mesh Primitives

Chapter 7: Changing That Boring Gray Default Material

Chapter 8: Giving Models Texture

Chapter 9: Lighting and Environment

Part III: Get Animated

Chapter 10: Animating Objects

Chapter 11: Discovering the Tools Used in Rigging

Chapter 12: Animating Object Deformations

Chapter 13: Letting Blender Do the Work for You

Part IV: Sharing Your Work with the World

Chapter 14: Exporting and Rendering Scenes

Chapter 15: Compositing and Editing

Part V: The Part of Tens

Chapter 16: Ten Problems (and Solutions) for Newbies

Chapter 17: Ten Tips for Working More Effectively in Blender

Chapter 18: Ten Excellent Community Resources