Essential MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists (2013)

Essential MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists (2013)

Part 1: Essentials

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: MATLAB Fundamentals

Chapter 3: Program Design and Algorithm Development

Chapter 4: MATLAB Functions and Data Import-Export Utilities

Chapter 5: Logical Vectors

Chapter 6: Matrices and Arrays

Chapter 7: Function M-files

Chapter 8: Loops

Chapter 9: MATLAB Graphics

Chapter 10: Vectors as Arrays and Other Data Structures

Chapter 11: Errors and Pitfalls

Part 2: Applications

Chapter 12: Dynamical Systems

Chapter 13: Simulation

Chapter 14: Introduction to Numerical Methods

Chapter 15: Signal Processing

Chapter 16: SIMULINK

Chapter 17: Symbolics Toolbox

Appendix A: Syntax: Quick Reference

Appendix B: Operators

Appendix C: Command and Function: Quick Reference

Appendix D: Solutions to Selected Exercisesx