Ansible: Up and Running (2015)

Ansible: Up and Running (2015)

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Playbooks: A Beginning

Chapter 3: Inventory: Describing Your Servers

Chapter 4: Variables and Facts

Chapter 5: Introducing Mezzanine: Our Test Application

Chapter 6: Deploying Mezzanine with Ansible

Chapter 7: Complex Playbooks

Chapter 8: Roles: Scaling Up Your Playbooks

Chapter 9: Making Ansible Go Even Faster

Chapter 10: Custom Modules

Chapter 11: Vagrant

Chapter 12: Amazon EC2

Chapter 13: Docker

Chapter 14: Debugging Ansible Playbooks

Appendix A. SSH

Appendix B. Default Setting

Appendix C. Using IAM Roles for EC2 Credentials