Customer Analytics For Dummies (2015)

Customer Analytics For Dummies (2015)

Part I: Getting Started with Customer Analytics

Chapter 1: Introducing Customer Analytics

Chapter 2: Embracing the Science and Art of Metrics

Chapter 3: Planning a Customer Analytics Initiative

Part II: Identifying Your Customers

Chapter 4: Segmenting Customers

Chapter 5: Creating Customer Personas

Chapter 6: Determining Customer Lifetime Value

Part III: Analytics for the Customer Journey

Chapter 7: Mapping the Customer Journey

Chapter 8: Determining Brand Awareness and Attitudes

Chapter 9: Measuring Customer Attitudes

Chapter 10: Quantifying the Consideration and Purchase Phases

Chapter 11: Tracking Post-Purchase Behavior

Chapter 12: Measuring Customer Loyalty

Part IV: Analytics for Product Development

Chapter 13: Developing Products That Customers Want

Chapter 14: Gaining Insights through a Usability Study

Chapter 15: Measuring Findability and Navigation

Chapter 16: Considering the Ethics of Customer Analytics

Part V: The Part of Tens

Chapter 17: Ten Customer Metrics You Should Collect

Chapter 18: Ten Methods to Improve the Customer Experience

Chapter 19: Ten Common Analytic Mistakes

Chapter 20: Ten Methods for Identifying Customer Needs

Appendix: Predicting with Customer Analytics