Knowledge-based Configuration: From Research to Business Cases, FIRST EDITION (2014)

Knowledge-based Configuration: From Research to Business Cases, FIRST EDITION (2014)


Part I. Introduction

Chapter 1. Motivation for the Book

Chapter 2. A Short History of Configuration Technologies

Chapter 3. Configuration-Related Topics

Chapter 4. Benefits of Configuration Systems

Chapter 5. Overview of the Book

Part II. Basics

Chapter 6. Configuration Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Chapter 7. Conflict Detection and Diagnosis in Configuration

Chapter 8. User Interfaces for Configuration Environments

Chapter 9. Core Capabilities of Sustainable Mass Customization

Chapter 10. Smarthome Configuration Model

Part III. Advanced Topics

Chapter 11. Knowledge Engineering for Configuration Systems

Chapter 12. Redundancy Detection in Configuration Knowledge

Chapter 13. Personalized Configuration

Chapter 14. Consumer Decision-Making and Configuration Systems

Chapter 15. Configuration-Related Research Challenges

Part IV. Case Studies

Chapter 16. SIEMENS: Configuration and Reconfiguration in Industry

Chapter 17. Tacton: Use of Tacton Configurator at FLSmidth

Chapter 18. encoway: From ERP-Based to Sales-Oriented Configuration

Chapter 19. Kapsch: Reconfiguration of Mobile Phone Networks

Chapter 20. Configuring and Generating Technical Documents

Chapter 21. Configuring Services and Processes

Part V. Configuration Environments

Chapter 22. S’UPREME

Chapter 23. encoway

Chapter 24. KONWERK

Chapter 25. WeeVis

Chapter 26. VariSales

Chapter 27. Product Configuration in SAP: A Retrospective

Part VI. Appendix

A.1 Conferences and Workshops