Section 2 - From Zero to Blogger in 30 days (2015)

From Zero to Blogger in 30 days (2015)

Section 2

Welcome Challenger…

Your blog’s set up and you’re raring to go! These daily challenges will push you out of your comfort zone and help you become a stronger, more efficient blogger and set you up to blog successfully.

9 reasons you should take part in a blogging challenge?

1. Blogging can be a solitary activity at times. It can seem like you’re calling into a void, and the only response is an echo. When you take part in a blogging challenge there’s camaraderie; you make friends fast.

2. You meet new people. Yep, you might comment a lot on the blogs in your own niche, but what about outside of it? The best ideas and inspiration often come from other niches and then adapted to your own. A blogging challenge is a great way to meet new people in diverse niches.

3. It’s a marathon and not a sprint. You complete blogging challenges while building up your discipline and stamina. I call it exercising your writing muscle.

4. When you blog for a set period of time you establish a solid writing routine.

5. You get a good set of data to analyse. When you do a blogging challenge you work a little bit harder on your blogging. This means you’ll start using keywords, an editorial calendar and all the things you should be doing but don’t currently do

6. You’ll increase traffic and you’ll grow subscribers, but as you can see traffic isn’t the only great thing about a blogging challenge.

7. You’ll uncover what you truly love when it comes to content creation and what you don’t

8. At the end of a blogging challenge you’ll have enough material for a book, a new lead magnet or something else

9. You’ll become smarter at marketing your blog posts and knowing what works for you