Introduction to Dropbox - Dropbox for Beginners (2015)

Dropbox for Beginners (2015)

Introduction to Dropbox

Everyone nowadays is familiar with the name Dropbox. Dropbox is essentially a file hosting service that was started just a few years ago, more specifically in 2007, and is now used by almost everyone these days. The basic idea behind this service is to provide cloud storage for you so you can save your data and use it whenever you want and wherever you want without the use of any data travelling device.

Dropbox can easily be used via your computer or your smartphone. All you need to do is upload your important data and it will automatically be stored in their cloud storage which can easily be accessed later without any modifications or loss. Synchronization is another great feature of this amazing service which lets you view the same document no matter what platform you are using. This means that if you uploaded a file from your personal computer it will automatically be uploaded to their cloud storage and will be made available to all your connected devices (or any new device if you want to connect). This way you can access the new file, for example, from your phone in a coffee shop even though you uploaded it from your computer. There are many more features of this amazing service that will be discussed later in this book.

Upon signing up for Dropbox you will be asked to choose the type of your account. You will get three options to choose from.

Dropbox Basic

The first one will be Dropbox basic which is a free version that provides free storage of 2 GB which can be used for anything you want and for as long as you want, no hidden or monthly charges at all. This is technically a simple backup and file sharing service at the cost of nothing actually.

Dropbox Pro

The second option is Dropbox pro which is a subscription-based account. You will be charged a total of 9.99 Euros per month to keep that account which isn’t that bad if you look at the huge storage (1 TB) that they are providing with this account. Just like the basic version, you can use this space for anything you want but the only difference is the monthly charges. Also, in your pro version, you will enjoy a few extra file-controlling features. The basic and the pro version are basically best suited to individuals who need a simple cloud storage/ file sharing service or for small groups requiring a little more space for all their data.

Dropbox Business

The third option is specifically for organizations or companies to handle huge amounts of data. This option is Dropbox for Business and charges a total of 12 Euros a month to their clients. Since Dropbox for Business is specially designed for businesses and large organization it offers an unlimited amount of storage and many other features like priority support etc. to their users.

With these three types of accounts Dropbox offers one of the best services on the internet at great prices. You can download Dropbox effortlessly from their website or you can use your android market/apple store/windows store to download the application on your cell phone. Upon downloading the application just follow simple instructions to get started with Dropbox.

Dropbox is in the market for a few years and they have done quite a good job in the limited amount of time. In the upcoming chapters we will go in depth about Dropbox services, and tips and tricks to get the most out of Dropbox on various platforms like iOS, android and pc.