Getting a Web Development Job For Dummies (2015)

Getting a Web Development Job For Dummies (2015)


Part I. Getting a Job in Web Development

Chapter 1. Seeing the Big Picture of Web Development Jobs

Chapter 2. Exploring Web Development Career Paths

Chapter 3. Understanding Where Web Designers Work

Chapter 4. Seeing Yourself in a Web Development Job

Part II. Core Technologies for Web Development

Chapter 5. Charting Your Path in Web Development

Chapter 6. Discovering the Technology behind the Internet

Chapter 7. Introducing Web History

Chapter 8. Introducing HTML

Chapter 9. Understanding CSS and JavaScript

Chapter 10. Tracing the Web Development Life Cycle

Chapter 11. Implementing and Shipping a Site

Part III. Getting Your Education

Chapter 12. Getting an Education for Web Development

Chapter 13. Exploring Certificate Programs and Advanced Degrees

Chapter 14. Knowing Web Graphics Tools

Part IV. Charting Your Career Path

Chapter 15. Using Dreamweaver and WordPress for Your Sites

Chapter 16. Building a Competitive Portfolio Site

Chapter 17. Getting the Interview

Chapter 18. Getting and Doing the Job

Part V. The Part of Tens

Chapter 19. Ten Frequently Asked Questions in Web-Developer Interviews

Chapter 20. Ten Interesting Job Search Websites for Web Developers

Chapter 21. Ten Red-Hot Roles for Web Developers