Enterprise Web Development (2014)

Enterprise Web Development (2014)



Part I. Building Your Application

Chapter 1. Mocking Up the Save The Child Application

Chapter 2. Using Ajax and JSON

Chapter 3. Introducing the jQuery Library

Part II. Enterprise Considerations

Chapter 4. Developing Web Applications in the Ext JS Framework

Chapter 5. Selected Productivity Tools for Enterprise Developers

Chapter 6. Modularizing Large-Scale JavaScript Projects

Chapter 7. Test-Driven Development with JavaScript

Chapter 8. Upgrading HTTP to WebSocket

Chapter 9. Introduction to Web Application Security

Chapter 10. Responsive Design: One Site Fits All

Chapter 11. jQuery Mobile

Chapter 12. Sencha Touch

Chapter 13. Hybrid Mobile Applications

Chapter 14. Epilogue

Appendix A. Selected HTML5 APIs

Appendix B. Running Code Samples and IDE