OpenStack Operations Guide (2014)

OpenStack Operations Guide (2014)


Part I. Architecture

Chapter 1. Example Architectures

Chapter 2. Provisioning and Deployment

Chapter 3. Designing for Cloud Controllers and Cloud Management

Chapter 4. Compute Nodes

Chapter 5. Scaling

Chapter 6. Storage Decisions

Chapter 7. Network Design

Part II. Operations

Chapter 8. Lay of the Land

Chapter 9. Managing Projects and Users

Chapter 10. User-Facing Operations

Chapter 11. Maintenance, Failures, and Debugging

Chapter 12. Network Troubleshooting

Chapter 13. Logging and Monitoring

Chapter 14. Backup and Recovery

Chapter 15. Customization

Chapter 16. Upstream OpenStack

Chapter 17. Advanced Configuration

Chapter 18. Upgrades

Appendix A. Use Cases

Appendix B. Tales From the Cryp^H^H^H^H Cloud

Appendix C. Working with Roadmaps

Appendix D. Icehouse Preview

Appendix E. Resources