Title Tags & Descriptions - 2015 Website SEO Guide for Businesses (2015)

2015 Website SEO Guide for Businesses (2015)

Title Tags & Descriptions

Let’s not forget about good old fashioned Title Tags & Descriptions. These are still vey important and they describe what each page of your website is about.

If your business sells Life Insurance, you will your Title Tags to say Life Insurance and the location that your business serves. It may be the whole of the UK or it might just be one region.

If your company is called Scottish Widows and you sell Life Insurance in Scotland, your Title Tag would be set as “Life Insurance Policy | Life Insurance Plans | Scottish Widows”

Your description would be set to “Find a life insurance policy and get an assurance quote from one of the UK’s leading providers. Scottish Widows can offer you protection for Life.”

This is a real example used by the Life Insurance company Scottish Widows.

You can apply something similar to this to all of your website pages.

When you’re writing your Title Tags and Descriptions, forget about writing them for search engines. Write them for your users, make sure you’re letting them know that you have what they are looking for, otherwise they won’t click on it.

Think about what the user will be searching for, such as “life insurance in Scotland”. Make sure the keywords life insurance are in the Description and the Title Tag and make sure the keyword Scotland or a variant of that, such as Scottish is in there as well.

If your website content also provides help to users, for example if you write content on how to fix lawnmowers or computers you can put in the Title Tag or Description the estimated time of how long it takes to apply the fix.

For example, if you have a page in your website explaining to users how to upgrade to Windows 8.1, you could put in the Title Tag, “How to Upgrade to Windows 8.1 [Easy, 30 to 45 Minutes]”. Then for the Description you would write something like “A screenshot–based tutorial on Upgrading to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8. Updating to Windows 8.1 is free for all users of Windows 8. Here’s how to do it…”

You can apply this to your own business no matter what you sell or which service you provide.

If you sold computers, this would be a great way to provide your current customers with an upgrade guide that you could share on social media. It will also help with Brand Building and your overall Search Engine Optimisation.

Don’t be afraid to try something new in your Title Tags and Descriptions. Users who are searching the web usually tend to click on something that stands out from the crowd. Provide high quality content on your landing page and make sure you are giving the user what they are searching for.

As you already know, running a business is hard work and SEO is just a small part of it, but it needs to be done consistently. Don’t give up hope if after a few weeks you haven’t got any new visitors. SEO takes time, usually 3 months before results start to appear, and remember, if you want immediate results, you should consider running a Pay Per Click campaign.

Thank you for reading my book.