BONUS: FREE ENROLLMENT TO MY VIDEO COURSE - SEO For 2013 & Beyond: SEO Made Simple For Beginners (2013)

SEO For 2013 & Beyond: SEO Made Simple For Beginners (2013)


Strange it may sound, but in my fairly long coaching experience I have seen that people learn things better when they watch a video. This could be because video encapsulates all the 4 information gathering medium, namely text, image, audio, and video.

In case of learning a concept as evolving as search engine optimization, it is no wonder that video plays a vital role in the proper explanation of why and how SEO matters to small businesses.

I am happy to offer my video training course, SEO Best Practices For Beginners To Start Web Business, free of cost to all the readers of this book.

The course has 30 videos that lucidly explain the vital concepts of SEO. Viewers will have the opportunity to download the video transcripts to understand the lessons better.

The advantage of my video course is that once enrolled, readers will enjoy lifetime access to it with no cancellation whatsoever. What’s more, viewers will get to ask me any questions they want clarified.

To get the course for free, go to the following URL at Udemy.Com, and then use the coupon code, SPECIAL-OFFER.


2. Alternatively, copy the URL given below and paste it on your browser to get the course for free:

You have to open an account at Udemy.Com, but you can also use your Facebook account to take the course.

My best wishes to you all!