FileVault Quick Start - Take Control of FileVault (1.1) (2015)

Take Control of FileVault (1.1) (2015)

FileVault Quick Start

For such an easy-to-use technology, FileVault has a lot of details, qualifications, special cases, and what-ifs. Most readers will want to read the first two chapters (The FileVault FAQ and Activate and Use FileVault) to get the basics under their belts before proceeding. From there, you can jump to whatever topics interest you most. The last chapter (Go Beyond FileVault) and Appendix A: FileVault on the Command Line are mainly for geekier readers.

Handle the basics:

· Learn what FileVault does and doesn’t do and find answers to your most pressing questions; see The FileVault FAQ.

· Set up FileVault on your Mac and deal with common scenarios; see Activate and Use FileVault.

Go deeper:

· Encrypt other internal, external, and removable volumes using the same Core Storage technology that FileVault depends on; see Encrypt a Non-startup Volume.

· Back up a FileVault-encrypted drive, make sure your backup drives are encrypted, or both; see Understand FileVault and Backups.

· Remotely locate, lock, or wipe a wayward Mac with FileVault enabled; see Use Find My Mac with FileVault.

Don your propeller beanie:

· Find solutions to encryption problems that FileVault doesn’t address; see Go Beyond FileVault.

· Use Terminal to access special FileVault features; see Appendix A: FileVault on the Command Line.