Photos Quick Start - Photos for Mac: A Take Control Crash Course (1.0.1) (2015)

Photos for Mac: A Take Control Crash Course (1.0.1) (2015)

Photos Quick Start

This book explores Apple’s new Photos app by walking you though the most essential photo-management and editing tasks. You can read the chapters in any order. Click any link to jump to a chapter.

Know Your Options

The new Photos app will feel familiar to iPhoto users. Aperture users, however, will likely feel less at home. See how Photos stacks up to both programs in Photos vs. iPhoto and Aperture.

Import Photos

· From iPhoto: Ensure your iPhoto library makes a smooth transition to Photos and discover the beauty of hard links in Import from iPhoto into Photos.

· From your Mac: Photos can import files directly from your camera, but if you need to edit the files before handing them off to Photos, it may make sense to use Image Capture instead. Read Import Your Files into Photos.

· From multiple libraries: You can easily switch between multiple libraries to keep different collections separate. See Use Multiple Photos Libraries.

Find Your Bearings

Learn how to quickly navigate a Photos library with the button bar. Or open the sidebar for a more iPhoto-like view. See Navigate the Photos Interface.

Get Organized

· Add metadata: No one knows your photos better than you do. Make them easier to find later by applying keywords, identifying faces, and marking Favorites. Read Add Info about Your Photos.

· Build albums: Photos organizes your library by date. If you have other ideas, you can create collections in the Albums pane. See Make Albums in Photos.

· Create smart albums: Want to quickly round up all the photos of your kids taken with your DSLR within the last year? No problem. Learn how to take advantage of all your valuable metadata in Define Smart Albums in Photos.

Coming Soon

But wait, there’s more! To help you start using Photos as quickly as possible, I’ve written the first version of the book to cover the most essential aspects of importing your photo library and finding your files. In an upcoming update, due out soon, I’ll delve into other topics, including:

· Syncing with iCloud Photo Library

· Importing an Aperture library

· Editing photos

· Sharing with others

· Using your images in other projects