How to Get a C Compiler - C Programming For Beginners (2015)

C Programming For Beginners (2015)

Appendix D - How to Get a C Compiler

There are many C compilers available for free on the Internet. We recommend the following.

1. Code::Blocks (

Code::Blocks is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that uses the GCC compiler. It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. To get up and running quickly, go to

and download the version you wish to use. The User Manual is available here:

2. Tiny C ( or

Tiny C is a small, fast compiler. The complete compiler with support files is about 1 megabyte. Scroll down the home page to see what is available. Click on the Download link to download the compiler. For convenience, the latest releases are available here:

Online documentation can be found here:

In Windows, Tiny C is best used from the Command Prompt. See the online documentation mentioned above for details.

You can also type “c compiler” in your favourite search engine. Many options will be made available to you. Choose the ones you prefer.

If you have difficulty acquiring a compiler or setting up one you have downloaded, please ask your teacher or a friend for advice. There is also a wealth of online sources that provide good help, for example,