Resources - Idiot's Guides: 3D Printing (2015)

Idiot's Guides: 3D Printing (2015)



If you’ve finished reading this book and you’re looking for more material, or if you just need some help for your specific 3D printer, this is the place to look. The following are some online community resources I’ve compiled that may be helpful to you.

General Resources

These are online resources that should be applicable to just about every consumer 3D printer. These websites can give you information on troubleshooting, printer modifications, and printing in general.

3D Printing Subreddit ( If you’re familiar with Reddit, be sure to check out this subreddit. It’s the most active 3D printing subreddit and has many knowledgeable users.

RepRap ( This community-edited resource is full of information on RepRap and RepRap-derived 3D printers. It also contains a lot helpful information on various 3D printer components that are used in all consumer 3D printers.

RepRap Forums ( This is another RepRap community, but because it’s a forum, you can ask questions and get help from other forum members. Before asking questions, be sure to use the search function to see if your questions have already been answered.

RepRap Subreddit ( Another Reddit community, this one is specifically for discussions about RepRap 3D printers (and their derivatives).

Printer-Specific Resources

This is a list of websites dedicated to specific 3D printer models or brands. If you need in-depth information on your particular 3D printer, these are some websites to check.

Deezmaker Bukobot Forums (

Flash Forge Knowledge Base (

LulzBot Forums (

MakerBot Community Links (

MakerBot Subreddit (

Printrbot Subreddit (

Printrbot Talk Forums (

SeeMeCNC Forums (

Solidoodle Forums (

Solidoodle Subreddit (

Ultimaker Forums (

Ultimaker Subreddit (

Miscellaneous Resources

Here you’ll find a short list of websites related to 3D printing, but not directly. These will be good for further reading and research for your 3D printing projects.

Instructables ( This website has detailed instructions for many kinds of DIY projects. A lot of these take advantage of 3D printing, and this can be a good place to find ideas for 3D printing projects.

Make: ( The online website for Make: magazine, which is a publication for makers and tinkerers. The same company organizes Maker Faires, which are great local events with lots of 3D printing booths and displays.

MakerBot Thingiverse ( This is, by far, the largest and most active 3D model repository that is specifically for 3D printing. As a user, you can download 3D models, free of charge, to print on any 3D printer. You can also upload your own models to share with others.

Serial Hobbyism ( This is my personal website, where I post articles on various hobbies (including 3D printing). If you still want to read more from me after this book, be sure to check it out!