Introduction - Command Line Kung Fu (2014)

Command Line Kung Fu (2014)


I have been working at the command line on Unix and Linux systems since the 1990's. Needless to say, I feel right at home with nothing more than a dollar sign and a flashing cursor staring at me. Over the years I've picked up several command line "tricks" that have saved me time and frustration.

Some of these tips were born out of necessity — I simply had too much work to complete and too little time to do it in. Others were modeled after popular patterns found in computer programming and application development. The rest were shared with me, either directly or indirectly, by my command line heroes and mentors. It's amazing what you can learn by watching, emulating, and taking advice from a seasoned Unix and Linux professional.

Even though the title is Command Line Kung Fu, you don't have to be a Linux ninja to use the tactics presented in this book. The tips work as presented. You can start putting them to use immediately without fully understanding all the details and nuances. However, if you want or need more information, explanations and practical real-world examples follow each one.

Also, if you want an overview of the Linux command line and operating system please read my other book Linux for Beginners. It will give you a strong foundation upon which you can build your Linux skills.

Let's get started.