Password Quick Start - Take Control of 1Password (1.2.1) (2014)

Take Control of 1Password (1.2.1) (2014)

Chapter 1. Password Quick Start

If you’re new to 1Password, I suggest working your way through this book in linear order, or at least starting with the first two chapters (Meet 1Password and Understand Password Security), which provide important context for the rest of the book. If you’re an experienced 1Password user, feel free to jump right to any topic of interest, such as Deal with Version 4 Changes in the Solve Problems chapter.

Learn the basics:

· Discover 1Password’s components, walk through setting up and using its major features, and start syncing; see Meet 1Password.

· Find out what makes a password strong or weak in Understand Password Security.

Use 1Password for day-to-day tasks:

· Save and use Web credentials with ease—and shop online securely; see Use 1Password for Web Browsing.

· Keep software licenses, secure notes, and other important info in 1Password; see Store Other Information in 1Password.

· Access your 1Password data from a smartphone, tablet, or public computer; see Use 1Password on the Go.

Delve into the details of your 1Password data:

· Zip right to the information you need; see Search & Organize Your 1Password Items.

· Tweak saved items to correct mistakes and update old passwords; see Edit 1Password Items.

Bend 1Password to your will:

· Adjust preferences to suit your needs; see Customize 1Password.

· Find “missing” features in 1Password 4 and get help with common troubleshooting tasks; see Solve Problems.