Logic Bombs - HACKING 17 Most Dangerous Hacking Attacks (2017)

HACKING 17 Most Dangerous Hacking Attacks (2017)

Chapter 14 – Logic Bombs

When you think about a real bomb, you have to understand there are so many different kinds out there and each type is or can be triggered in a different way to explode it. When it comes to a logic bomb, it works somewhat in similar ways than real bombs, however, to find a logic bomb on a computer it might be very difficult, often impossible to do so. A logic bomb instead of exploding like real bombs, it would execute itself on a special event, or some the more advanced types of several incidents.

An example could be that once installed on a computer system; it could cause to shut down itself exactly one week after the installation.

Other types of logic bombs might be programmed to be triggered for other reasons such as for a certain time. For example, when the clock hits 1 pm on every Wednesday, initiate a reboot. However when you would look at the logs, you wouldn’t see anything or any human interaction that could have caused such event, therefore yet again, it would act very silently.

Logic bombs could be something like that would spread on the system and only would trigger itself if it would meet a specific brand, that has a specific model number, that would have a particular part number is online and functioning at speed rate of x.

I have provided some very specific examples of a particular target, in a very specific way, however, logic bombs could cause other harms too such as:

-Rebooting servers,

-Deleting certain files

-Encrypting certain documents

-Destroying important files

Logic bombs are waiting to be triggered, and some might be waiting for a given moment. However, some have been written in the past to expect for the next system reload to explode itself.

In the past, it has been identified few times, which ex-employees have been involved in creating such logic bombs, because they have been dismissed, and so they wanted to commit an act of revenge on the company they have worked for by damaging their systems, resulting in a company a financial loss.