Online Privacy Quick Start - Take Control of Your Online Privacy (1.1) (2014)

Take Control of Your Online Privacy (1.1) (2014)

Online Privacy Quick Start

You can think of this book as being divided into general topics (the first four chapters) and specific topics (the rest). I recommend that you read the first four chapters before you do anything else in order to understand your overall privacy risks and the simple, preliminary steps you can take to reduce them. Then feel free to skip to whichever other chapters are of particular interest.

Identify your online privacy needs:

· Think you have nothing to hide? Think again. Read Learn What You Have to Hide.

· Find out who might be trying to invade your privacy. See Learn Who Wants Your Private Data (and Why).

Take preliminary steps:

· Come up with a plan to deal with most common privacy issues in Develop a Privacy Strategy.

· Block the broadest and most likely privacy risks. See Keep Your Internet Connection Private.

Use specific online services privately:

· Surf and shop without compromising your personal information. Read Browse the Web Privately.

· Reduce the chances that email will be read by anyone other than the intended sender and recipient. See Improve Email Privacy.

· Reduce the chances of eavesdropping when using instant messaging and other audio, video, and chat services. Read Talk and Chat Privately.

· Social may be another way to say “public,” but you need not give up all your privacy when using Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking services. See Keep Social Media Sort of Private-ish.

· Cloud backups and syncing could involve privacy risks if you’re not careful. See Keep File Syncing and Backups Private.

· There are many ways to share files online, but some of them may expose data you’d rather keep private. Read Share Files Privately.

Help others with their online privacy:

· If you have children, you have the additional responsibility to take control of their online privacy. See Maintain Privacy for Your Kids.

· Share what you’ve learned about online privacy with your friends, family, or a large group. See Teach This Book.