Introduction - Hacking: Guide To Basic Security, Penetration Testing And Everything Else Hacking (2015)

Hacking: Guide To Basic Security, Penetration Testing And Everything Else Hacking (2015)


Intelligence agencies and security services of many nations consider hacking of their computer systems and networks as the biggest national threat. What was once considered as a harmless prank played by computer nerds has now evolved into a crime on par with any other in terms of its repercussions. It is viewed at with the same severity as terrorism by many countries and is condemned by the world governments at large.

In simple terms hacking is nothing but breaking into someone else's computer or system by circumventing the safety measures and stealing the information contained within, or worse, sabotaging the entire system.

The roots of hacking can be traced back to the 1960's and 70's when the "Yippies" movement was at its peak. Yippies were the members and followers of Youth International Party, which was nothing but a product of the anti-war movements of that time. The group was comprised mainly of youths and was counter-cultural at its very basic level. They engaged in carrying out elaborate street pranks and taught its member the technique of tapping telephone lines.

This gradually developed into what is now called hacking, except that the phone lines and pliers were replaced by state of the art mega core processors and multi function plasma screens.

But over time, the goofy nature of the whole activity has taken a back seat and the more evil face has materialized, hugely due to the fact that, what was once started by peace loving activists to pull pranks on the authorities, is now being increasingly used by terrorist organizations for a multitude of reasons such as spreading their propaganda, obtaining funding, gathering intelligence about troop movements, to even launching missiles.

In this eBook we shall look into various aspects of hacking and provide you with detailed instructions for protecting your home computer or laptop of office systems from this vile menace of the World Wide Web. I want to thank you for downloading this eBook and I hope you find the contents useful and easy to put into practice.