INSTALLING PYTHON - Hacking Secret Ciphers with Python (2013)

Hacking Secret Ciphers with Python (2013)


Topics Covered In This Chapter:

· Downloading and installing Python

· Downloading the Pyperclip module

· How to start IDLE

· Formatting used in this book

· Copying and pasting text

“Privacy in an open society also requires cryptography. If I say something, I want it heard only by those for whom I intend it. If the content of my speech is available to the world, I have no privacy.”

Eric Hughes, “A Cypherpunk’s Manifesto”, 1993

The content of this chapter is very similar to the first chapter of Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python. If you have already read that book or have already installed Python, you only need to read the “Downloading” section in this chapter.

Downloading and Installing Python

Before we can begin programming, you’ll need to install software called the Python interpreter. (You may need to ask an adult for help here.) The interpreter is a program that understands the instructions that you’ll write in the Python language. Without the interpreter, your computer won't understand these instructions. (We'll refer to “the Python interpreter” as “Python” from now on.)

Because we’ll be writing our programs in the Python language we need to download Python from the official website of the Python programming language, The installation is a little different depending on if your computer’s operating system is Windows, OS X, or a Linux distribution such as Ubuntu. You can also find videos of people installing the Python software online at

Important Note! Be sure to install Python 3, and not Python 2. The programs in this book use Python 3, and you’ll get errors if you try to run them with Python 2. It is so important, I am adding a cartoon penguin telling you to install Python 3 so that you do not miss this message:

Figure 2-1. “Be sure to install Python 3, not Python 2!”, says the incongruous penguin.

Windows Instructions

There is a list of links on the left side of the web page at Click on the Download link to go to the download page, then look for the file called Python 3.3.0 Windows Installer (“Windows binary — does not include source”) and click on its link to download Python for Windows. (If there is a newer version than Python 3.3.0, you can download that one.)

Double-click on the python-3.3.0.msi file that you’ve just downloaded to start the Python installer. (If it doesn’t start, try right-clicking the file and choosing Install.) Once the installer starts up, click the Next button and accept the choices in the installer as you go. There’s no need to make any changes. When the installer is finished, click Finish.

OS X Instructions

The installation for OS X is similar. Instead of downloading the .msi file from the Python website, download the .dmg Mac Installer Disk Image file instead. The link to this file will look something like “Python 3.3.0 Mac OS X” on the “Download Python Software” web page.

Ubuntu and Linux Instructions

If your operating system is Ubuntu, you can install Python by opening a terminal window (click on Applications Accessories Terminal) and entering sudo apt-get install python3.3 then pressing Enter. You will need to enter the root password to install Python, so ask the person who owns the computer to type in this password.

You also need to install the IDLE software. From the terminal, type in sudo apt-get install idle3. You will also need the root password to install IDLE.


Almost every program in this book uses a custom module I wrote called This module provides functions for letting your program copy and paste text to the clipboard. This module does not come with Python, but you can download it from:

This file must be in the same folder as the Python program files that you type. (A folder is also called a directory.) Otherwise you will see this error message when you try to run your program:

ImportError: No module named pyperclip

Starting IDLE

We will be using the IDLE software to type in our programs and run them. IDLE stands for Interactive DeveLopment Environment. While Python is the software that interprets and runs your Python programs, the IDLE software is what you type your programs in.

If your operating system is Windows XP, you should be able to run Python by clicking the Start button, then selecting Programs ► Python 3.3 ► IDLE (Python GUI). For Windows Vista or Windows 7, click the Windows button in the lower left corner, type “IDLE” and select “IDLE (Python GUI)”.

If your operating system is Max OS X, start IDLE by opening the Finder window and clicking on Applications, then click Python 3.3, then click the IDLE icon.

If your operating system is Ubuntu or Linux, start IDLE by clicking Applications ► Accessories ► Terminal and then type idle3. You may also be able to click on Applications at the top of the screen, and then select Programming and then IDLE 3.

Figure 2-2. IDLE running on Windows (left), OS X (center), and Ubuntu Linux (right).

The window that appears will be mostly blank except for text that looks something like this:

Python 3.3.0 (v3.3.0:bd8afb90ebf2, Sep 29 2012, 10:57:17) [MSC v.1600 64 bit (AMD64)] on win32

Type "copyright", "credits" or "license()" for more information.


The window that appears when you first run IDLE is called the interactive shell. A shell is a program that lets you type instructions into the computer. The Python shell lets you type Python instructions in and then sends these instructions to the Python interpreter software to run. We can type Python instructions into the shell and, because the shell is interactive, the computer will read our instructions and perform them immediately.

The Featured Programs

“Hacking Secret Ciphers with Python” is different from other programming books because it focuses on the source code for complete programs. Instead of teaching you programming concepts and leaving it up to you to figure out how to make your own programs, this book shows you complete programs and explains how they work.

As you read through this book, type the source code from this book into IDLE yourself. But you can also download the source code files from this book’s website. Go to the web site and follow the instructions to download the source code files.

In general, you should read this book from front to back. The programming concepts build on the previous chapters. However, Python is such a readable language that after the first few chapters you can probably piece together what the code does. If you jump ahead and feel lost, try going back to the previous chapters. Or email your programming questions to the author at

Line Numbers and Spaces

When entering the source code yourself, do not type the line numbers that appear at the beginning of each line. For example, if you see this in the book:

1. number = random.randint(1, 20)

2. spam = 42

3. print('Hello world!')

…then you do not need to type the “1.” on the left side, or the space that immediately follows it. Just type it like this:

number = random.randint(1, 20)

spam = 42

print('Hello world!')

Those numbers are only used so that this book can refer to specific lines in the code. They are not a part of the actual program. Aside from the line numbers, be sure to enter the code exactly as it appears. This includes the letter casing. In Python, HELLO and hello and Hello could refer to three different things.

Notice that some of the lines don’t begin at the leftmost edge of the page, but are indented by four or eight spaces. Be sure to put in the correct number of spaces at the start of each line. (Since each character in IDLE is the same width, you can count the number of spaces by counting the number of characters above or below the line you’re looking at.)

For example, you can see that the second line is indented by four spaces because the four characters (“whil”) on the line above are over the indented space. The third line is indented by another four spaces (the four characters “if n” are above the third line’s indented space):

while spam < 10:

if number == 42:


Text Wrapping in This Book

Some lines of code are too long to fit on one line on the page, and the text of the code will wrap around to the next line. When you type these lines into the file editor, enter the code all on one line without pressing Enter.

You can tell when a new line starts by looking at the line numbers on the left side of the code. The example below has only two lines of code, even though the first line is too long to fit on the page:

1. print('This is the first line! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


2. print('This is the second line!')

Tracing the Program Online

Tracing a program means to step through the code one line at a time, in the same way that a computer would execute it. You can visit to see a trace through of each program in this book. The traces web page has notes and helpful reminders at each step of the trace to explain what the program is doing, so it can help you better understand why these programs work the way they do.

Checking Your Typed Code with the Online Diff Tool

Although it is very helpful to learn Python by typing out the source code for these programs, you may accidentally make typos that cause your programs to crash. It may not be obvious where the typo is.

You can copy and paste the text of your typed source code to the online diff tool on the book’s website. The diff tool will show any differences between the source code in the book and the source code you’ve typed. This is an easy way of finding any typos in your programs.

The online diff tool is at this web page: A video tutorial of how to use the diff tool is available from this book’s website at

Copying and Pasting Text

Copying and pasting text is a very useful computer skill, especially for this book because many of the texts that will be encrypted or decrypted are quite long. Instead of typing them out, you can look at electronic versions of the text on this book’s website and copy the text from your browser and paste it into IDLE.

To copy and paste text, you first need to drag the mouse over the text you want to copy. This will highlight the text. Then you can either click on the Edit Copy menu item, or on Windows press Ctrl-C. (That’s press and hold the Ctrl button, then press C once, then let go of the Ctrl button.) On Macs, the keyboard shortcut is Command-C (the ⌘ button). This will copy the highlighted text to the computer’s memory, or clipboard.

To paste the text that is on the clipboard, move the cursor to the place you want the text to be inserted. Then either click on the Edit Paste menu item or press Ctrl-V or Command-V. Pasting will have the same effect as if you typed out all the characters that were copied to the clipboard. Copying and pasting can save you a lot of typing time, and unlike typing it will never make a mistake in reproducing the text.

You should note that every time you copy text to the clipboard, the previous text that was on the clipboard is forgotten.

There is a tutorial on copying and pasting at this book’s website at

More Info Links

There is a lot that you can learn about programming and cryptography, but you don’t need to learn all of it now. There are several times where you might like to learn these additional details and explanations, but if I included them in this book then it would add many more pages. Publication of this larger book would place so much combustible paper into a single space that the book would be a fire hazard. Instead, I have included “more info” links in this book that you can follow to this book’s website. You do not have to read this additional information to understand anything in this book, but it will help you learn. These links begin with (which is the shortened URL for the “Invent with Python” book website.)

Even though this book is not a dangerous fire hazard, please do not set it on fire anyway.

Programming and Cryptography

Programming and cryptography are two separate skills, but learning both is useful because a computer can do cryptography much faster than a human can. For example, here is the entire text of William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” encrypted with a simple substitution cipher:

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If you tried to encrypt this by hand, working 12 hours a day and taking time off for weekends, it would take you about three weeks to encrypt. And you would probably make some mistakes. It would take another three weeks to decrypt the encrypted ciphertext.

Your computer can encrypt or decrypt the entire play perfectly in less than two seconds.

But you need to know how to program a computer to do the encryption. That’s what this book is for. If you can program a computer, you can also hack ciphertext that other people have encrypted and tried to keep secret. Learn to program a computer, and you can learn to be a hacker.

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