WHO AM I? - App Trillionaires: How To Become An App Developer: Enjoy Life, Make Money, and Live Your Dreams! (2013)

App Trillionaires: How To Become An App Developer: Enjoy Life, Make Money, and Live Your Dreams! (2013)

1. WHO AM I?

My name is Abhinav Gupta, a person who was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. My ancestry is of South East Asian (Indian) decent, and even though I can speak the Indian languages fluently, I have only visited India 2-3 times in my life. Canada has and always will be my home, but knowing how I got here is also very important as well, and for this reason I celebrate my ancestral culture as well as my Canadian roots. One of the best things that I love about Canada is the fact that I can walk down the street and say hello to people in their own languages. It’s the way the world should be in my opinion, a place where all human beings work together and celebrate their differences and love each other and respect each other.

I’m an App Developer, App Business Owner/Trainer, a Father to two beautiful children, married to a wonderful wife with a cute little Maltese dog and a very strong believer in God and the Bible. I’m a graduate of Computer Science from Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I’ve been in the IT field for well over 10 years.

Since I was a young boy, making and playing video games was always a love of mine and since then I wanted to learn how I could do that for the rest of my life. I have always loved to create things and so creativity and innovation have been a driving force for me.

You may have been wondering WHY I decided to write this book. If I know how to make money and can show others how to make money, wouldn’t I want to just hide the secret and keep it all to myself?

It started back in 2008 when the recession hit me here in Canada. I personally believe that it was due to this VERY mentality of GREED. American Corporate and personal greed hit an all time high! Banks were giving out mortgages to people who didn’t even qualify for a mortgage, just to try and make even more money. PUBLIC COMPANIES had CEO’s making MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of dollars while their staff barely could make ends meet! The American market collapsed and the whole world went into a recession!

You may ask why I’m bringing this all up…Well that’s when I lost my computer contract (I was working at the time fixing computers). At that point I owned a house, a car and had a young family (Wife, son and dog) and did not know what to do. I started applying for jobs, and here I was with a Degree in Computer Science (Graduated from Ryerson University in that year) and I could not find a job. To try and keep afloat I opened up a Dollar Store and Computer Store in Brampton, Ontario with whatever little nest egg I had left, and also found work selling a glorified Lint Roller in various Department Stores in Ontario. As the recession had just started and was getting worse, sales in the two businesses were just horrid, and my other side job selling the Lint Rollers was not paying off anything…And then at the end of 2008 what I did not think was possible actually happened to me…like many people in North America and the world…I went bankrupt.

I begged my parents to move in, it was a very low time in my life, but I kept faith in the higher power and kept believing that God had a plan and I knew I was going to be in a better place. At the time however I did not know what to do and I was a bit depressed. Loosing everything you have is not a great feeling at all.

Time and time again I would look at the news only to see more doom and gloom and many corporations that you thought were “too big to fail” going bankrupt and dying out! Some of the top banks were just wrapping up and leaving thousands without money! It was a frenzy, people were not sure whether to even trust BANKS! Do you keep your money under a bed now? Like these were at that time SERIOUS QUESTIONS!

I put my resume out to many places in North America (Both Canada and the US) only to get 2 interviews which were not fruitful at all.

I took whatever little I had left and started doing computer repair and opened up a side business in computer repair after that. It started to grow and was helping me to pay the bills. Then at the end of 2010 this little world of apps was shown to me. Steve Jobs had brought out the next iPhone and was promoting apps and this world of micro-software products that were starting to “REVOLUTIONIZE” the way we all lived and worked.

I thought hey lets check it out…And I was hooked! Since I was 10 years old I always aimed at being a video game developer and this was the perfect opportunity. It seemed like a higher power was at work even though I did not understand it, but due to personal reasons, I had to close up my Computer Repair business. I took whatever I had earned and saved up for a while and went full force into the App world and Thank God, since then, I have been moving forward and growing daily!

Now today I’m the CEO of a successful app business with over 25+ apps in over 10+ marketplaces and growing even more! I look back at those days of the Recession and Greed at the cost of others, and I truly believe that we can make a better world by having more RESPONSIBLE MILLIONAIRES rather than GREEDY people.

This is why I decided to write this book. I want to help people who share the same vision of not only helping themselves and their families, but to also give back to their local communities.

That is my mission with this book. If you follow what I have outlined here; follow my programs and use my tools and resources I am continuously creating and bringing out; you should most likely (no guarantees here, you get out what you put into it!) become quite wealthy financially. However keeping it all to yourself would just repeat a history that I do not wish on ANYONE!

This is MY goal here to help build or create RESPONSIBLE successful people who are charitable and believe in a higher power, not just plain greedy. You can’t take your money with you when you die.

So now you know who I am and why I have decided to create this book. But WHY ARE YOU HERE? Have you figured out WHY you are doing this?

“Many dream a dream and wake up to reality…some dream a dream and MAKE IT A REALITY!”

— Abhinav Gupta, 2008