Landing Page Optimisation - 2015 Website SEO Guide for Businesses (2015)

2015 Website SEO Guide for Businesses (2015)

Landing Page Optimisation

A landing page should be simple and uncluttered and the information should be easy to read.

If you run Pay Per Click campaigns, then the closer the content of your landing page matches with your advertisements, the more relevancy Google attributes to it, resulting in a higher quality score and a lower cost for your chosen keywords.

Videos are a great way to get your message across and can allow your visitors to see your product or service in action.

A landing page is the perfect way to give the customer clear and clean focused content. Get rid of the bloat, get rid of the distractions.

Be sure to include a “Buy” button or a “Contact Us” button that is easy to find.

Make sure your landing page has share options so visitors can share it on social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

If you are selling a product or service to people, make sure and include a phone number. This shows your customers that there is a real person at the end of the line and can give people who are wary of ordering products online that extra bit of security.

Show off your endorsements, if you are partnered with well known people or businesses, let your new customers know this.

Testimonials are a fantastic way to show new customers, how happy your previous customers are. Get as many testimonials as you can as you can use these anywhere on your website.

If you are asking visitors for personal information, make sure it’s only relevant information that you require. When visitors are filling out a form online, they may ask themselves, why does this company need my post code when I just want to ask a question? Chances are they’ll leave your page and look for the information elsewhere.

Any certifications that you have should be displayed somewhere on your page, again it gives visitors a feeling of trust.

Most first time visitors to your website will be via one of your landing pages and not your home page.

If you have an advertisement running on Google advertising a certain product, for example, “flowers for weddings”, then your landing page should contain information all about “flowers for weddings”. Give the user what they are looking for and keep the visitor focused by focusing the page on the particular product or service that you are offering.

Your goal is to convert these visitors to paying customers.

Even if you are starting out on a shoestring budget, you can still attract the right sort of visitor to your landing pages by following these easy steps.

Before you optimise any of your landing pages, make sure the page in question has plenty of relevant information, but be careful not to bore the reader. You want them to buy your product or service.