The Tools You Would Require - FREE Guru Level Training For Beginners (2014)

FREE Guru Level Training For Beginners (2014)

Chapter 2: The Tools You Would Require

“Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles”- Steve Jobs

In this chapter, you will learn about the tools you would require, including:

· The integrated development environment

· Xcode

· Apple developer account

When it comes to developing an app or program, you need to be prepared with a few tools of your own. These will enable you to make your first app. You will know everything that you need to know about these tools by the time you are done reading this chapter.

Before resuming with this chapter please bear in mind that you should not make the mistake of thinking you can make an app without one of these tools.

The Integrated Development Environment

The IDE is very important for programming and app development. iOS programmers, Android app developers and anyone involved in software programming uses IDEs to develop apps and/or programs for a certain device.

The IDE provides you with certain facilities and tools that enable you to create, debug and launch the app. Different companies download different types of IDEs. However, where iOS7 programming is concerned, you can use Xcode. Without Xcode you cannot build your own app. This IDE is available to all Mac users.

Apple frequently updates its technology and apps. The IDE allows the company to install better processors, better HD cameras with higher resolutions and more (or improved) apps and programs in their devices.

Here’s an example of how the IDE is employed by the company: Apple first released the iPhone 4 but when certain faults were found within the software, the company introduced the iPhone 4S. Now, these apps and programs are updated or corrected via the IDE. Without the IDE it is not possible for one to upgrade a software, program or to correct these either. This is also why Apple often introduces newer versions of the iOS. Last year the company introduced the iOS6 with the release of iPhone 5S and today, it is introducing the iOS7 before the release of the iPhone6 which would employ the iOS8.

Hence, it is via the use of the IDE that the company constantly upgrades its operating system.


The last section merely introduced you to IDEs and Xcode. Now you would learn about what Xcode does and how to download Xcode 5.

You need the latest version of Xcode to make your own App. Those of you who already own a Mac can download Xcode 5 from the Mac App Store. If you do not yet own a Mac and intend to buy one, you could ask for a Mac in which this version of the IDE has been installed by the company. Or you could use the Apple Developer Account to download the IDE yourself.

You will find that there are several templates provided to you by this IDE. Each template is used to develop different types of apps. By way of example, the Master-Detail Application is used to make Mail apps with a list view and a detail view.

Apple Developer Account

Registering with the Apple Developer Account will allow you to download Xcode and provide you with a number of technical resources that you need on your journey.

All you need to do is to make an Apple ID first. The procedure is very straightforward.

Be sure to download the “free” version of the Xcode. Once you get a hang of how to use the IDE you can decide whether or not you would like to purchase Xcode for your Mac.

Sign up App Development Account

After you have downloaded Xcode 5 and registered with the Apple Developer Account, you would have everything you need. Now you can go on to developing your own app!