How to Use This Book - Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPhoto for iPad (2013)

Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPhoto for iPad (2013)

How to Use This Book

Who This Book Is For

This book is for the reader who has never used this particular technology or software application. It is also for readers who want to expand their knowledge.

The Conventions in This Book


This book uses a step-by-step format to guide you easily through each task. Numbered steps are actions you must do; bulleted steps clarify a point, step, or optional feature; and indented steps give you the result.


Notes give additional information — special conditions that may occur during an operation, a situation that you want to avoid, or a cross-reference to a related area of the book.

003Icons and Buttons

Icons and buttons show you exactly what you need to click to perform a step.


Tips offer additional information, including warnings and shortcuts.


Bold type shows command names or options that you must click or text or numbers you must type.


Italic type introduces and defines a new term.