Quick Start - Digital Sharing for Apple Users: A Take Control Crash Course (2014)

Digital Sharing for Apple Users: A Take Control Crash Course (2014)

Quick Start

Each chapter in this book stands alone, so you can read them in any order. But please read the Introduction first, because it includes important information about how this book uses key terms.

Photos & Videos

· Make sure every copy of your photo library contains the same shots; see Sync Photo Libraries across Devices.

· When you add new photos and videos to your collection, update all your devices at once; read Sync Photos and Videos across Devices.

· Find the best way to deliver individual photos and videos to your family and friends in Send Photos and Videos to Others.

· Make a photo album available to others—interactively or not; see Broadcast and Share Photo Albums.


· See which of the next five chapters applies to your file-sharing needs; read Choose a File Sharing Method.

· Let other Macs on your local network access your files; see Use OS X File Sharing.

· Ensure that your most important documents are identical on all your devices; read Sync Files and Folders across Devices.

· Enable a group of people to work with the same files; see Sync Folders with Others.

· Make it easy for others to download your files; see Broadcast Download Links.

· Deliver individual files to those who need them; see Send Files to Others.

· Collaborate in real time on shared documents; see Share Documents with Others.

Personal Data

· Give contact records to the people who need them; see Send Contacts to Others.

· Keep in touch with the same people from any device; read Sync Contacts across Devices.

· Maintain a shared contact database; see Sync Contacts with Others.

· Let others know about meetings and events; see Broadcast Calendar Events.

· Never lose track of your schedule; read Sync Calendars and Reminders across Devices.

· Maintain a central calendar or reminder list for a family or group; read Sync Calendars and Reminders with Others.

· Make sure you’re never without an essential email message; see Sync Email across Devices.

The Cutting Edge

This book is current as of OS X 10.10 and iOS 8.1, but details are sure to change as Apple updates its operating systems. Be sure to click this book’s Ebook Extras button every so often—you may find a free update to the book or read useful information on the blog.

Hardware Resources

· Let a newer Mac use an older Mac’s SuperDrive; read Share Optical Discs with Other Macs.

· Use a USB-connected printer from other devices; see Share Printers on Your Local Network.

· No Wi-Fi? Bring your own and Share Your iOS Device’s Internet Connection.

· Turn your Mac into a Wi-Fi hotspot; read Share Your Mac’s Internet Connection.

· View or control one Mac from another; see Broadcast and Share Your Mac’s Screen.

· Use an Apple TV or computer to display what’s on an iOS device’s screen; read Broadcast Your iOS Device’s Screen.

· Channel your iOS device’s audio through a real speaker system; see Broadcast Audio from Your iOS Device.

· Answer phone calls on your Mac or iPad; read Share iPhone Calls and Texts across Devices.

Browser-related Information

· Open a browser tab on one device and continue reading on another; see Broadcast Browser Tabs to Other Devices.

· See the same bookmarks everywhere; read Sync Browser Bookmarks across Devices.

· Go beyond manually emailing URLs as you Send Web Links to Others.

· Have all your passwords regardless of which device you’re using; see Sync Passwords across Devices.

· Let a trusted person securely share a subset of your passwords; see Sync Passwords with Others.

Media & Apps

· Charge family purchases to a central account, view other family members’ media, and share essential information easily when you Use iCloud Family Sharing.

· Use Game Center to share the fun with others; see Broadcast and Share Games and Game Stats.

· Introduce someone to your favorite music; read Send Radio Stations to Others.

· Give a family member a copy of your favorite playlists; see Send iTunes Playlists to Others.

· Allow other family members to stream or download your media from iTunes; see Broadcast an iTunes Library in Your Home.

· Start a task on one device and continue it seamlessly on another; read Share Tasks among Devices with Handoff.