Introduction - Digital Sharing for Apple Users: A Take Control Crash Course (2014)

Digital Sharing for Apple Users: A Take Control Crash Course (2014)

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Quick Start

Chapter 3: Sync Photo Libraries across Devices

Chapter 4: Sync Photos and Videos across Devices

Chapter 5: Send Photos and Videos to Others

Chapter 6: Broadcast and Share Photo Albums

Chapter 7: Choose a File Sharing Method

Chapter 8: Use OS X File Sharing

Chapter 9: Sync Files and Folders across Devices

Chapter 10: Sync Folders with Others

Chapter 11: Broadcast Download Links

Chapter 12: Send Files to Others

Chapter 13: Share Documents with Others

Chapter 14: Send Contacts to Others

Chapter 15: Sync Contacts across Devices

Chapter 16: Sync Contacts with Others

Chapter 17: Broadcast Calendar Events

Chapter 18: Sync Calendars and Reminders across Devices

Chapter 19: Sync Calendars and Reminders with Others

Chapter 20: Sync Email across Devices

Chapter 21: Share Optical Discs with Other Macs

Chapter 22: Share Printers on Your Local Network

Chapter 23: Share Your iOS Device’s Internet Connection

Chapter 24: Share Your Mac’s Internet Connection

Chapter 25: Broadcast and Share Your Mac’s Screen

Chapter 26: Broadcast Your iOS Device’s Screen

Chapter 27: Broadcast Audio from Your iOS Device

Chapter 28: Share iPhone Calls and Texts across Devices

Chapter 29: Broadcast Browser Tabs to Other Devices

Chapter 30: Sync Browser Bookmarks across Devices

Chapter 31: Send Web Links to Others

Chapter 32: Sync Passwords with Others

Chapter 33: Use iCloud Family Sharing

Chapter 34: Broadcast and Share Games and Game Stats

Chapter 35: Broadcast and Share Your Mac’s Screen

Chapter 36: Send iTunes Playlists to Others

Chapter 37: Broadcast an iTunes Library in Your Home

Chapter 38: Share Tasks among Devices with Handoff