Camera Body Reference - Mastering the Nikon D610 (2014)

Mastering the Nikon D610 (2014)

Camera Body Reference


Front of Camera on Right Side (facing camera)

1. Accessory shoe (hot shoe)

2. Flash mode/compensation button (also raises flash #10)

3. Bracketing button (BKT)

4. Lens release button

5. Audio connector cover

6. HDMI/USB connector cover

7. Accessory terminal connector cover (GPS, etc.)

8. AF-mode button

9. Focus-mode selector


Front of Camera on Left Side (facing camera)

10. Built-in flash (Speedlight)

11. Control panel

12. Metering/Formatting button

13. Movie-record button

14. Exposure compensation/Reset button

15. Shutter-release button

16. Power switch

17. Sub-command dial

18. AF-assist illuminator

19. Depth-of-field preview button

20. Fn (function) button

21. Infrared receiver (front)


Back of Camera

22. Mode dial lock release

23. Mode dial

24. Release mode dial

25. Release mode dial lock release

26. Playback button

27. Delete/format button

28. MENU button

29. Retouch/Picture Control button

30. Help/Protect button (WB)

31. Playback zoom in button (QUAL)

32. Playback zoom out/thumbnails button (ISO)

33. Viewfinder eyepiece

34. Diopter adjustment control

35. Rubber eyecup

36. AE-L/AF-L button (AE/AF lock)

37. Main command dial

38. Multi selector

39. OK button

40. Focus selector lock

41. Ambient brightness sensor (for Monitor)

42. Live view selector

43. Lv button (Live view)

44. Memory card slot cover

45. Infrared receiver (rear)

46. Speaker

47. Memory card access lamp

48. Info button

49. Monitor


Bottom of Camera and Lens Mount (F-Mount)

50. Battery-chamber cover

51. Battery-chamber cover latch

52. MB-D14 contact cover

53. Rubber base plate

54. Tripod socket

55. Label for ID, battery voltage, and serial number

56. Lens lock pin (moved by Lens release button #4)

57. Lens mount (F-mount)

58. AF coupling (screwdriver)


Under the Camera’s Side Covers

59. Card Slot 1 (under #44)

60. Card Slot 2 (under #44)

61. Headphone connector (under #5)

62. External microphone connector (under #5)

63. USB connector (under #6)

64. HDMI mini-pin connector, type C (under #6)

65. Accessory terminal for GPS and other accessories (under #7)

Colors and Wording Legend

Throughout this book, you’ll notice that in the numbered, step-by-step instructions there are colored terms as well as terms that are displayed in italic font.

1. Blue is used to refer to the camera’s physical features.

2. Green is for functions and settings displayed on the camera’s LCD screens.

3. Italic is for textual prompts seen on the camera’s LCD screens.

4. Italic or bold italic is also used on select occasions for special emphasis.

Here is a sample paragraph with the colors and italic font in use:

Press the MENU button to reach the Setup Menu, and then scroll to the Format memory card option by pressing the down arrow on the Multi selector. You will see the following message: All images on Memory card will be deleted. OK? Select Yes and then press the OK button. Please make sure you’ve transferred all your images first!