Features of PHP - LEARNING PHP AND MYSQL (2015)


Features of PHP

They are as follows.

· Server side- PHP won’t execute within the local machines web browser, instead it will be executed in the web server.

· Cross plat formed- This feature allows the PHP script to run and executed on any operating system and web server.

· HTML embedded language- This means the commands and statement of PHP is already embedded in the HTML document.


Working of PHP

PHP supports many databases and it is open source software which is free to download and use.

Uses of PHP

· PHP can be used for creation of dynamic website.

· For building template that would make the site maintenance easy.

· For creation of graphics on the fly.

· For maintaining the differentiation of the type of content to be served on the basis of the users browser, IP address, date and time and various other details.

· For conducting a survey online.

· To connect databases with the web. For e.g. oracle and My SQL.

· Helps in providing a link of communication with external web.

· It performs read and process XML.

Simple scripting in PHP












The PHP statement is follow-

<? PRINT (“HELLO”) ;?>

This would display the message “hello” in the window browser.

The PHP print function displays the value with the parenthesis as output in new window.

Important things about PHP scripts-

· PHP is case sensitive.

· PHP statements are stated between <? ?>.

· It always ends with semi-colon.

· Comments can be added using // in the beginning of the line.

· PHP file should not have .html extension.

· File should have .PHP extension.

· If the file don’t have .PHP extension nor has .html extension the file won’t found, parsed and executed.

Advantage of PHP with high security i.e. safe mode-

· The ownership should be same for the script being executed and file from which it is read or written.

· The directory should be owned by the owner of the PHP script.

· PHP cannot execute external programs which are not from the system.