The Advantages of Using PHP - PHP QuickStart Guide (2015)

PHP QuickStart Guide (2015)

Chapter 3: The Advantages of Using PHP

Compared to many other scripting languages, PHP offers several advantages, including, but not limited to:

1) Wide Support

Because it's easy to implement, update and maintain, as well as free, PHP is available on the majority of web servers available for public hosting accounts.

2) No Client-Side Software Required

Because the interpreter runs on the server and PHP doesn't require a compiler, you don't need special software to create PHP applications. PHP code can be written in any text application, such as Notepad.

3) Embedded Code

PHP code can be embedded directly in HTML code.

4) Direct Output

PHP code can output results directly from the code on a page without requiring a fork to an external program. This results in faster execution and less complex programming.

5) No CGI Required

Unlike compiled languages, PHP does not require access to a server's CGI. Some hosting companies don't offer this access for security reasons.

Note: Some web servers use a CGI implementation of the PHP interpreter.

6) Command Line Implementation Optional

PHP commands can be executed directly from the command line. This allows developers to create server scripts that function without the need for a browser. Developers can use these scripts to access several server functions as well as execute those scripts via the server, for instance, usingcron or Windows Task Scheduler to execute them on a timetable.

7) Platform Independence

PHP versions are available for any server and operating system and don't require a web server to run. Developers can even install PHP on their personal computers and run their applications locally.

8) Services Support

PHP includes functions that interact with other services on your server of computer. Web services, file transfers, email, and similar services can be accessed directly from your scripts.

9) Wide Range of Output

PHP can output much more than just HTML code. You can write images, text, Flash, CSV, PDF and much more directly from your scripts.

10) Combined Procedural and OOP Support

PHP supports both procedural and object-oriented programming, allowing developers to use their preferred paradigm.

As previously mentioned, this list is far from all-inclusive. PHP is among the most versatile tools available to web developers, and programmers and independent developers are constantly adding functionality.