Introduction to High-End App Development - Apps: Beginner's Guide For App Programming, App Development, App Design (2015)

Apps: Beginner's Guide For App Programming, App Development, App Design (2015)

Chapter 7. Introduction to High-End App Development

The last three chapters taught you about building a simple app interface using various platforms and previewing them in simulators or emulators. In time, you'll be well-versed in app development and find coding way easier.

Expert developers came up with a lot of integrated features with their high-end applications. Although you won't learn the techniques for now, it's good to know these integrated features to give you an idea in developing your future app.

Integrated Multimedia

These apps are among the most fun apps to use with their multimedia-rich development. They allow people to watch videos, listen to music, or even take pictures then share them with friends. Developing these apps require proper communication between the app itself and multimedia content to run flawlessly.

Integrated Content Sharing System

Most users today find the importance of content sharing through their mobile phones and tablets. They can access files wherever they go and continue collaborating with their colleagues even without access to their computers. Through content sharing, users will have access to files, comment on uploaded contents, see access history, and others.

Integrated Cloud and Connectivity

Apps today generally need internet connection to access content or media stored online. Integrating internet connectivity features to mobile apps is complicated and would require knowledge of both app development and network behavior.

Aside from internet connectivity, some high-end apps support cloud storage access. Cloud storage allows people to gain access to their files without using desktop computers and download them directly to their devices. Developing these apps require knowledge of file syncing to ensure proper function.

Integrated Animation and Graphics

Majority of mobile device users prefer graphics-rich apps with animations that make app use more enjoyable than before. Apps with animations and graphics require precise resource allotment to ensure seamless performance and boost their edge when marketed in app stores.

Integrated User Info

Apps like mobile banking and email apps require user authentication by typing their credentials. These apps must be developed accordingly for secure account access and avoid giving access to people who placed wrong credentials.

Aside from accessing a single platform, integrated user information also allows apps to identify user details to access all other accounts like in the case of Google accounts. A person needs one account to access Google Plus, Gmail, Google Play, Docs and other Google services. Communication in between these platforms is possible with their superb coding architecture.

Integrated Maps

Countless apps today are developed to help people with directions or simply monitoring their current locations. Mapping information allows users to know their locations accurately with the help of other features that boost their function like GPS. Integrating GPS with map-enabled apps is a complex process and would require a lot of training before completing a single project.