Best Practices for Developing an Impeccable App - Apps: Beginner's Guide For App Programming, App Development, App Design (2015)

Apps: Beginner's Guide For App Programming, App Development, App Design (2015)

Chapter 8. Best Practices for Developing an Impeccable App

Technical knowledge in building an app is one thing. However, some best practices can help you create the perfect app that users can't wait to purchase, regardless of your chosen mobile OS.

Create a User Interface that Suits All Devices

Technological development resulted to different mobile devices with varying features. Your goal as a developer is to create an app with user interface compatible with all devices possible. An app with impeccable design won't be as marketable if people can't load them properly on their devices.

Focus on Performance

Performance is king in developing apps. For mobile device users, an app that crash intermittently is junk and will be uninstalled right away. They will even leave negative feedback on your developer's profile to warn people in downloading your app.

With proper planning, coding and the right tools, you can create a highly responsive app that will run without crashing unless the device itself experienced inconsistency.

Consider Battery Life

Running an app also consumes energy. With people's lifestyle today, they access a lot of mobile apps, browse websites, watch videos, stream music, and other activities through their mobile phones. All these activities consume a lot of battery, so many mobile device users prefer apps that use as little battery as possible.

What many novice developers don't know is that energy efficiency is possible in app development. With proper training and the right tool, developers can produce a responsive app that doesn't drain battery.

Don't Forget App and Data Security

App security is crucial for many people, especially for those accessing financial accounts through mobile apps. If you're thinking of developing an app that requires user's info for access, don't forget to improve your app's security features, ensuring every data is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.

Think About User Input Choices

Typing data on user info pages or search engines is the usual user input option across all devices. However, many users prefer other options like touch screen gestures that allow them to access apps. Proper development gives way to efficient and accurate communication between the input choice and the app.

Aside from the device's on-display keyboards, some users prefer using external hardware keyboards connected through wireless connection. Combining seamless communication between the app, hardware and connectivity device ensures users will use their preferred input choice.

Test Apps Accordingly

Testing apps before publishing is like a standard procedure for developers. There are different ways of testing apps. You will learn a lot of testing procedures for Android, iOS, and Windows apps to ensure they are ready to impress once published.

Background Jobs Must be Minimized

Other activities run together with the app. These are called background jobs or activities. While they are important app components to bridge functions, they consume a lot of power and affect apps' performance. They also trigger app crashes.

App development guides will help you create an app with minimized background jobs to save battery and ensure high quality performance at all times.

Create an Interactive and Engaging App

Your goals in developing an app is to encourage people to download and continue app usage. Let users gain access to content as fast as possible to keep them from being bored with your app. Integrate other visual components that will keep people from recommending your app and updating their current app versions.