The Hacking Tools that You Need - Hacking: Tapping into the Matrix: Step by Step Guide on How to Hack, including Tips, Secrets, Steps, and Hidden Traps! (2014)

Hacking: Tapping into the Matrix: Step by Step Guide on How to Hack, including Tips, Secrets, Steps, and Hidden Traps! (2014)

Chapter 1. The Hacking Tools that You Need

Here are the tools that you need to use to hack those systems. Make sure that you always have these with you because you’ll never be able to do anything without them!

Password Cracking Software

Basically, you need password cracking software to get passwords from even the most secure systems. These have various algorithms, and some have hundreds and thousands of word combinations that can decode passwords in seconds. Here are some of the best password cracking software programs you can use:

1. Rainbow Crack. It is said that Rainbow Crack is one of those hash cracker tools that make it easy to recover passwords—definitely much easier than its contemporaries. Then, results are also stored in what is called Rainbow Table for easy reference. Those tables are also generated through the crack itself, so you wouldn’t have to download them anymore.

Download Rainbow Crack at

2. Brutus. Brutus is known for its flexibility, so while it has not been updated for years, it’s still trusted by many. Brutus supports HTTP (HTML Form/CGI), HTTP (Basic Authentication), SMB, FTP, POP3, NNTP, and IMAP, amongst others, and also supports multi-authentication systems. However, it is only available for Windows OS.

3. Cain and Abel. Known for being able to handle a variety of tasks, it uses a certain dictionary attack scheme to crack encrypted passwords, and also works on brute force attacks, and records VOIP conversations. Even scrambled passwords could easily be decoded, too! Cain and Abel is only available on Windows.

Download Cain and Abel at

4. WFuzz. WFuzz cracks passwords through brute force, and is only a web application tool. It also easily finds hidden scripts, servlets, and directories, and can also identify various kinds of injections, such as XXS, SQL, and LDAP.

5. The Hydra. Hydra is also one of the fastest password cracking tools available. This program makes installing modules easy, and can be used for Windows, Linux, Solaris, and even OSX.

Download The Hydra at

Network Scanning Software

Next, you also have to make sure that you have network scanning software to be able to access the whole computer network itself—and not just the passwords. The best ones include:

1. NMap. NMap is an open source utility software. It monitors schedules, monitoring hosts, network inventories, and gets to know which Operating Systems are running—and everything else that comes with it.

2. Who is On My Wi-Fi. As the name suggests, this shows the LAN Networks that are being used or scanned by your computer, together with sound notifications. Scans are done every 2 to 10 minutes.

3. Soft Perfect Network Scanner. This checks not only LAN Networks, but also IP Addresses, and all the devices attached to it, and also scans HTML, Text, CSV, and XML, amongst others.

4. Bopup Scanner. This scans all the IP Addresses in your LAN Network, together with connection status, and every other important detail.

Network Vulnerability Scanning Software

Mostly, Network Vulnerability Software gives you better IT Security. Patching could also be automated with the help of this software. Examples include:

1. Retina CS Community. This provides patching and scanning for Microsoft applications and third parties, free for up to 256 IPS. It also focuses on configuration issues, and other types of network vulnerabilities.

2. Open VAS. This is a free network security scanner under GNU Public License, and could also be used for Open Source Platforms, and other Windows Clients. It scans and receives around 33,000 vulnerability tests.

3. Nexpose Community Edition. This one opens web applications, scans networks, and exposes virtual environments. It scans around 32 IPS at a time when you get it for free, but you can do more if you get the premium one.

4. Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer. This can do both remote and local scans, as well as identify security patches and missing service parts. It works for all versions of Windows, and can also help you make personalized scans.

File Search Software

Of course, if you want to target a file itself, you need file search software to help you with. The best ones are:

1. File Locator Pro. This scans everything on a computer—even just writing two letters would help you find what you need—in just seconds!

2. Identity Finder. What’s great about this is that it not only helps you find files, it also categorizes those files, monitors, and brings you all that you need—without having a hard time!

Web Application Vulnerability Scanning Software

You remember those WikiLeaks hacks and that infamous Ashley Madison hack? These days, hacking is not just about getting through systems—it’s also about leaking information from websites, too! For that, you need the best Web Application Vulnerability Scanning Software. Here are some examples:

1. Vega. This is a testing platform and web vulnerability scanner that works in a GUI based environment, and is based on Java. It works for both Windows and Linux, and also gets to find SQL Injections, and makes child path nodes.

Download Vega at

2. Grabber. Grabber detects web security problems, and creates PDF Reports of what could be found in those web applications. It was developed under the Python language, and is executable with different source codes.

Download Grabber at

3. Zed Attack Proxy. This one is available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux, and is said to be one of the easiest to use. It intercepts proxy, does web socket and plug and hack support, and also makes use of Dynamic SSL Certificates, too.

Download Zed Attack Proxy at

Now that you have these tools ready, it’s time to start hacking!