Abusing the Internet of Things (2015)

Abusing the Internet of Things (2015)

Chapter 1: Lights Out: Hacking Wireless Lightbulbs to Cause Sustained Blackouts

Chapter 2: Electronic Lock Picking: Abusing Door Locks to Compromise Physical Security

Chapter 3: Assaulting the Radio Nurse: Breaching Baby Monitors and One Other Thing

Chapter 4: Blurred Lines: When the Physical Space Meets the Virtual Space

Chapter 5: The Idiot Box: Attacking “Smart” Televisions

Chapter 6: Connected Car Security Analysis: From Gas to Fully Electric

Chapter 7: Secure Protyping: littleBits and cloudBits

Chapter 8: Securely Enabling our Future: A Conversation on Upcoming Attack Vectors

Chapter 9: Two Scenarios: Intentions and Outcomes