Using Social Media For Content Creation - 2015 Website SEO Guide for Businesses (2015)

2015 Website SEO Guide for Businesses (2015)

Using Social Media For Content Creation

Reddit, Twitter & Facebook are great resources for gathering information for content creation.

For example, if your company sells BMW parts, then follow the BMW forums on Reddit and find out what your customers are talking about, what makes them tick and what products they like the most.

You can create valuable content by taking the questions that people are asking and offer them a solution.

Who knows, maybe someone will be fixing up an old BMW and use your company to source all the parts.

You may also find that users on Reddit or Facebook are having a difficult time sourcing a particular part for a car that you may already have in stock or can get for them.

Maybe there’s a known issue with a certain model of BMW’s that you can fix relatively easily by selling them a part or offering them a repair service.

You could take certain information from Reddit, for example if there is questions on one of the subreddits relating to BMWs, you could create a short video or a text document and put it up on your website, then post a link to Reddit showing people how to overcome the particular issue.

On a related note, Reddit doesn’t like self promotion, but if you are genuinely helping people on Reddit then they will up-vote you for it.

You will get hits on your website from people who are interested in the product or service that you provide and word will spread to other users who are having the same problem. You will be seen as a helpful member of the community and people will respect that and share the information with others.