INTRODUCTION - SEO For 2013 & Beyond: SEO Made Simple For Beginners (2013)

SEO For 2013 & Beyond: SEO Made Simple For Beginners (2013)


SEO – or Search Engine Optimization – as we know has undergone paradigm changes many times over in the past years. This has happened and continues to happen because the search engines change their algorithms – the computer programs that auto-decide the rankings of the webpages in the search results – with the objective of improving the user experience.

The question is why does improving user experience become necessary if one has happened only a while back? And indeed, what does that mean for small websites?

Questions such as these are intriguing, and in fact only the companies that run the search engines like Google can properly answer them.

We can however safely conclude that the factors determining the rank-ability of webpages are to a large extent dynamic. And in such circumstances the ideal step for the small websites is to stick to the time-tested golden rules of SEO.

SEO helps when a website is focused and effective in conveying to the search bots what the site is about. On a broader perspective, SEO, contrary to popular belief, is not only about ranking well in the search engine results pages (SERPs), but is also about guiding the human visitors to get the most after they land up in a website.

How This Book Helps

Charting a new direction, this book explains the basic concepts of search engine optimization. It doesn’t simply say what steps to take, but also why to take them.

Accordingly, as you’ll find in the book, there is a good amount of discussions on how to focus more on structure, presentation, and quality of the contents in a website such that it attracts and retains human visitors for maximizing benefits.

Conscious efforts have gone to make this book as jargon-free as possible. Tech-heavy concepts have been carefully avoided to make it simple for a small website owner to clearly understand the actual steps he needs to take.

Separating the wheat from the chaff, this book gives plenty of examples to grasp the bigger picture of what SEO is about today, and how you can successfully use it for your web business.

To better explain the different SEO concepts nearly 170 useful articles and resources have been referred to throughout this book. The chapter-wise references are indicated by numerical superscripts, and are mentioned at the end of the book to help readers benefit from them.

Who Should Buy This Book

This book is intended for self-supported rookies and beginners who want to start a web business and need to know and implement SEO strategies from the ground up. This book will also help those who wish to take up SEO as their career either in the employment of other companies or as self-employed professionals.

Nearly all the steps described in this book can be done without incurring cost. But then, you perhaps cannot, as a website owner, do everything yourself because you have your business to look after.

The question of spending money for your website comes only when you decide to outsource some of the works so that you can devote quality time for your business.

Special Bonus

I have included a special bonus for the readers of this book. As a reader, you will get lifetime access to my video-based e-learning course, SEO Best Practices for Beginners to Start Web Business, at Udemy, the online education portal of repute.

This well-explained popular course costs $45 but it comes free to the readers, and the coupon code for free access is available later inside this book.

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