Bioinformatics Data Skills (2015)

Bioinformatics Data Skills (2015)

Part I: Ideology: Data Skills for Robust and Reproducible Bioinformatics

Chapter 1: How to Learn Bioinformatics

Part II: Prerequisites: Essential Skills for Getting Started with a Bioinformatics Project

Chapter 2: Setting Up and Managing a Bioinformatics Project

Chapter 3: Remedial Unix Shell

Chapter 4: Working with Remote Machines

Chapter 5: Git for Scientists

Chapter 6: Bioinformatics Data

Part III: All Practice: Bioinformatics Data Skills

Chapter 7: Unix Data Tools

Chapter 8: A Rapid Introduction to the R Language

Chapter 9: Working with Range Data

Chapter 10: Working with Sequence Data

Chapter 11: Working with Alignment Data

Chapter 12: Bioinformatics Shell Scripting, Writing Pipelines, and Parallelizing Tasks

Chapter 13: Out-of-Memory Approaches: Tabix and SQLite

Chapter 14: Conclusion