THE RUBY WAY, Third Edition (2015)

THE RUBY WAY, Third Edition (2015)



Chapter 1. Ruby in Review

Chapter 2. Working with Strings

Chapter 3. Working with Regular Expressions

Chapter 4. Internationalization in Ruby

Chapter 5. Performing Numerical Calculations

Chapter 6. Symbols and Ranges

Chapter 7. Working with Times and Dates

Chapter 8. Arrays, Hashes, and Other Enumerables

Chapter 9. More Advanced Data Structures

Chapter 10. I/O and Data Storage

Chapter 11. OOP and Dynamic Features in Ruby

Chapter 12. Graphical Interfaces for Ruby

Chapter 13. Threads and Concurrency

Chapter 14. Scripting and System Administration

Chapter 15. Ruby and Data Formats

Chapter 16. Testing and Debugging

Chapter 17. Packaging and Distributing Code

Chapter 18. Network Programming

Chapter 19. Ruby and Web Applications

Chapter 20. Distributed Ruby

Chapter 21. Ruby Development Tools

Chapter 22. The Ruby Community