Pragmatic Unit Testing in Java 8 with JUnit (2015)

Pragmatic Unit Testing in Java 8 with JUnit (2015)



Part 1. Unit-Testing Foundations

Chapter 1. Building Your First JUnit Test

Chapter 2. Getting Real with JUnit

Chapter 3. Digging Deeper into JUnit Assertions

Chapter 4. Organizing Your Tests

Part 2. Mastering Manic Mnemonics!

Chapter 5. FIRST Properties of Good Tests

Chapter 6. What to Test: The Right-BICEP

Chapter 7. Boundary Conditions: The CORRECT Way

Part 3. The Bigger Design Picture

Chapter 8. Refactoring to Cleaner Code

Chapter 9. Bigger Design Issues

Chapter 10. Using Mock Objects

Chapter 11. Refactoring Tests

Part 4. The Bigger Unit-Testing Picture

Chapter 12. Test-Driven Development

Chapter 13. Testing Some Tough Stuff

Chapter 14. Testing on a Project

Appendix 1. Setting Up JUnit in IntelliJ IDEA and NetBeans