The Antivirus Hacker's Handbook (2015)

The Antivirus Hacker's Handbook (2015)


Part I. Antivirus Basics

Chapter 1. Introduction to Antivirus Software

Chapter 2. Reverse-Engineering the Core

Chapter 3. The Plug-ins System

Chapter 4. Understanding Antivirus Signatures

Chapter 5. The Update System

Part II. Antivirus Software Evasion

Chapter 6. Antivirus Software Evasion

Chapter 7. Evading Signatures

Chapter 8. Evading Scanners

Chapter 9. Evading Heuristic Engines

Chapter 10. Identifying the Attack Surface

Chapter 11. Denial of Service

Part III. Analysis and Exploitation

Chapter 12. Static Analysis

Chapter 13. Dynamic Analysis

Chapter 14. Local Exploitation

Chapter 15. Remote Exploitation

Part IV. Current Trends and Recommendations

Chapter 16. Current Trends in Antivirus Protection

Chapter 17. Recommendations and the Possible Future