Developing Web Components (2015)

Developing Web Components (2015)


Chapter 1. Introduction

Part I. UI Core Concepts

Chapter 2. Creating a Solid Foundation

Chapter 3. Normal Flow and Positioning

Chapter 4. Understanding and Managing z-index

Part II. Building Our UI

Chapter 5. Cloning Nodes

Chapter 6. Constructing an Overlay

Chapter 7. Making Elements Draggable

Chapter 8. Resizing Elements

Chapter 9. Completing the Dialog Widget

Part III. Building HTML5 Web Components

Chapter 10. Utilizing Templates

Chapter 11. Working with the Shadow DOM

Chapter 12. Creating Custom Elements

Chapter 13. Importing Code

Part IV. Testing, Building, and Deploying Components with Polymer

Chapter 14. Introducing Polymer

Chapter 15. Porting Our Dialog to Polymer

Chapter 16. Testing Web Components

Chapter 17. Packaging and Publishing

Chapter 18. Final Words